North Coast Construction Co.

The article was done very well and I also have an interest in all available (post-print) options...please send that information for review. Thank you and everyone at Avenir for including our company in the 2016  Fall issue of the DDC


Thanks for everything, Natalie and your team were great to work with and I am very pleased how the article came

Sarah Chalfant

“Everyone is so pleased with the publication. The article is very well written and accurately highlights some of the company's best assets. We have shared the publication around and truly believe that it brings new value to our consumers. Thank

Don Spoor

“After placing my ad in DDC Journal 3 D Fire Protection got a call from a company in Orr, Oregon that builds and designs custom barns.  They were building a barn in our area (Santa Ynez, California) saw our ad in the DDC, requested a bid and then contracted 3 D Fire Protection to install the Fire Sprinkler System.   It was a sweet, beautiful barn and a fun project for 3 D Fire Protection. A

Barbara Kotsos

"The quality of the design and layout really set you apart from your competition.  It’s truly a beautiful publication and I do think it came out

Ray Hutchinson

"I am very pleased.  It turned out extremely well and I believe it showcases each of the companies well. Thanks for the opportunity to

Justin Black

"I've just received the copy you sent via courier; thank you for getting that to us.  I am very pleased in how the article turned out.  You guys do a great job with your publication and we were honored to be considered for a feature article.  Again, we appreciate the spot light time – so please do pass that along to your team.  Happy

Jon Dusek

"I think the article came off well- please thank your staff for their hard work on it.  Your publication is always informative and fun.  Keep up the good