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About Us

Dedicated to those who Design, Develop and Construct, DDC Journal is the title for those with the vision to build North America. The modern construction market constantly challenges those at the heart of the industry to perform to ever-higher levels at each stage of the project process. The competitive nature of the market is such that the success of any project is dependent on the right mix of market analysis, project financing, urban planning, architectural design, materials purchasing and project management. The modern construction market dictates that delivering a project on time and on budget is now considered the minimum requirement.


DDC Journal provides important perspectives on all aspects of the industry. Each quarterly issue brings you, the industry professional, knowledge and information about individuals and companies in the market who are making big strides in all aspects of construction. DDC Journal covers major market segments including commercial, industrial, office, mixed-use, government, healthcare, education, retail and residential. We will bring you information on the latest projects and the inside track on issues at the center of the industry. We feature important topics such as sustainability, green building materials and methods, market trends, financial and economic drivers, advancements in design and architecture, sales and marketing, public/private partnerships and project financing.


We believe that in a time of unparalleled human consumption the combined industries we cover are leading the way in finding solutions to some of the major challenges we face today. That’s why we’ll go directly to the source and talk with decision makers whose philosophies are directly applicable across industry in general.


Reaching 44,000 targeted readers with a wealth of industry expertise, DDC Journal speaks with both senior company executives and key operational personnel including project managers, engineers, architects, planners, construction managers and general contractors.


Each issue delivers a toolbox of information and insight geared toward helping you solve the challenges that affect your projects and the way you do business. You will also find incisive and informative editorials that address lessons learned, government and policy issues surrounding the construction industry and how economic and other factors will impact business-making decisions over the next few years.


The DDC Journal sales team has unrivaled experience in helping advertisers make the most of their budgets. They have the ingenuity to help your business communicate your brand, product and service message creatively and effectively to those in your industry.

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Editorial Calendar

Q1 – Spring 2022 Q2 – Summer 2022
Sales Deadline: 01/14/2022 04/15/2022
Copy Deadline: 01/21/2022 04/22/2022
Cover/Theme: Commercial Transportation & Infrastructure
Green Building: Greater Efficiency Technology TBD
Special Feature: The Rise of Smart, Connected Cities Technology to Keep Costs Down
Development Trends: Subcontractor Labor Shortages Modular & Offsite Construction
US Regional Focus: Region: Northeast Region: Midwest
Metro-Area Highlight: Chicago DFW Metroplex
Canadian Focus: Province: Ontario Province: British Columbia
Q3 – Fall 2022 Q4 – Winter 2022
Sales Deadline: 07/15/2022 10/14/2022
Copy Deadline: 07/22/2022 10/21/2022
Cover/Theme: Green Building Issue Multifamily
Green Building: Green Building Products & Trends Net-Zero Building
Special Feature: Green Builders Highlight New Construction Materials
Development Trends: Green Technologies 3D Printing
US Regional Focus: Region: Southeast Region: West
Metro-Area Highlight: New York City TBD
Canadian Focus: Province: Quebec Province: Alberta

*Note: Sales and Copy deadlines for each issue are subject to change without notification.



Spring 2021
Vol. 14 – Issue 1


Summer 2021
Vol. 14 – Issue 2


Fall 2021
Vol. 14 – Issue 3


Winter 2021
Vol. 14 – Issue 4


Spring 2020
Vol. 13 – Issue 1


Summer 2020
Vol. 13 – Issue 2


Fall 2020
Vol. 13 – Issue 3


Winter 2020
Vol. 13 – Issue 4


Spring 2019
Vol. 12 – Issue 1


Summer 2019 v.1
Vol. 12 – Issue 2


Summer 2019 v.2
Vol. 12 – Issue 3


Fall 2019
Vol. 12 – Issue 4


Winter 2019
Vol. 12 – Issue 5


Spring 2018
Vol. 11 – Issue 1


Summer 2018
Vol. 11 – Issue 2


Fall 2018
Vol. 11 – Issue 3


Winter 2018
Vol. 11 – Issue 4


Winter / Spring 2017
Vol. 10 – Issue 1


Spring 2017
Vol. 10 – Issue 2


Summer 2017
Vol. 10 – Issue 3


Fall 2017
Vol. 10 – Issue 4


Winter 2017
Vol. 10 – Issue 5


Spring 2016
Vol. 9 – Issue 1


Summer 2016
Vol. 9 – Issue 2


Fall 2016
Vol. 9 – Issue 3


Winter 2016
Vol. 9 – Issue 4


Spring 2015
Vol. 8 – Issue 1


Summer 2015
Vol. 8 – Issue 2


Fall 2015
Vol. 8 – Issue 3


Winter 2015
Vol. 8 – Issue 4

DDC Spring 2014 copy

Spring 2014
Vol. 7 – Issue 1

DDC Summer 2014 copy

Summer 2014
Vol. 7 – Issue 2

DDC Fall 2014 copy

Fall 2014
Vol. 7 – Issue 3


Winter 2014
Vol. 7 – Issue 4

DDC Spring 2013 copy

Spring 2013
Vol. 6 – Issue 1

DDC Summer 2013 copy

Summer 2013
Vol. 6 – Issue 2

DDC Fall 2013 copy

Fall 2013
Vol. 6 – Issue 3

DDC Winter 2013 copy

Winter 2013
Vol. 6 – Issue 4

DDC Spring 2012 copy

Spring 2012
Vol. 5 – Issue 1

DDC Summer 2012 copy

Summer 2012
Vol. 5 – Issue 2

DDC Fall 2012 copy

Fall 2012
Vol. 5 – Issue 3

DDC Winter 2012 copy

Winter 2012
Vol. 5 – Issue 4


Featured Articles
The article was done very well and I also have an interest in all available (post-print) options...please send that information for review.Thank you and everyone at Avenir for including our company in the 2016  Fall issue of the DDC Journal.
DAVID LEE, President
Thanks for everything, Natalie and your team were great to work with and I am very pleased how the article came out.
Tom Turner, Division Manager - Multifamily Division
“Everyone is so pleased with the publication. The article is very well written and accurately highlights some of the company's best assets. We have shared the publication around and truly believe that it brings new value to our consumers. Thank you!”
Sarah Chalfant, Media & Marketing ManagerRich Properties
"I am very pleased.  It turned out extremely well and I believe it showcases each of the companies well. Thanks for the opportunity to participate."
Ray Hutchinson, Chief Operating OfficerProvidence Management Company
"The quality of the design and layout really set you apart from your competition.  It’s truly a beautiful publication and I do think it came out beautifully."
Barbara Kotsos, Director of MarketingGiroux Glass
"I've just received the copy you sent via courier; thank you for getting that to us.  I am very pleased in how the article turned out.  You guys do a great job with your publication and we were honored to be considered for a feature article.  Again, we appreciate the ...
Justin Black, Director, Project ManagerCM Black Construction Co.
“After placing my ad in DDC Journal 3 D Fire Protection got a call from a company in Orr, Oregon that builds and designs custom barns.  They were building a barn in our area (Santa Ynez, California) saw our ad in the DDC, requested a bid and then contracted 3 ...
Don Spoor, Owner/President3 D Fire Protection
"I think the article came off well- please thank your staff for their hard work on it.  Your publication is always informative and fun.  Keep up the good work!"
Jon Dusek, President & CEOArmstrong Development Company

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